We can offer surveys, tailor-made for the PR industry, via the company Online Opinions (www.onlineopinions.co.uk)

It’s not rocket science.

You get 1,000 adults, surveyed online because papers do not need any more for the story to work so don’t be conned into paying more for more.

You get age, region and gender as part of the price because it doesn’t cost the survey company any more to do this so why should it cost you extra.

And you get up to 20 questions. The cost of asking people 20 questions is not much more than asking them 10. So we let everyone ask away.

Oh, and you don’t get a snotty survey company insisting on copy approval before you send out your release either. It’s your data, do what you want with it!

Some of the biggest firms in the country right down to some of the smallest have used our services to get maximum publicity.